Mathgamains Vault opened

Hi everyone, I have just opened my Vault. From there you will find links to crypto currency related news and Aurum Shield on line shop

please visit ->

The plan is to provide people a change to purchase cryptocurrencies like Execoin with fiat money (EUR, USD etc.)

– Mathgamain


Execoin is accepted to Mathgamains Vault

Hello everyone, it’s me Mathgamain writing a short update about Execoin. We are currently looking for a developer for the coin – I personally would like to see either Executter or Cabinetmaker to take charge. I think the coin has great potential. At the moment I am building an altcoin focused site – Mathgamains Vault and Execoin is accepted there aswell. Further information about this soon

Execoin – Recover to 2015

Hello there everyone, this site is founded to bring another great alt coin – Execoin back to the alternative coin scene. We have now the wallet full in sync. Add these addnodes in case you have issues syncing your Execoin wallet:


Also here is one great package from executter ( help you get back on the Execoin track ->

use this bootstrap.dat :

un7zip to %APPDATA%\Execoin (or C:\Users\you\AppData\Roaming\Execoin
if you wish restart from beginning, delete all files in this dir except wallet.dat and bootstrap.dat.
launch execoin, it should display ”Importing blocks from disk”.
when finished, go on menu Help > Debug Window > Console and enter this command : addnode add
you could change ip by other node given in previous posts.

More updates and post coming up soon..

– Tomi Sosunov,

skype tomis3000